Artwork acquisition


1. You can buy a picture, or order the author’s copy if it’s already been sold:
 .1.1. The picture is in the author’s possession, if on the site the word “to buy” is before the picture’s price.
 .1.2. If the word “to order” is before the picture’s price, the picture has already been sold, but the author can copy it in 10 – 40 days depending of the situation.

2. The price does not include additional expenses like: shipping , delivery, frame, an expert examination and registration of documents for export abroad, etc.

3. Contact me (see contact) to clarify the mode of delivery and all necessary additional costs needed.
Deliveries can be made by mail, courier or in person, depending on the situation

4. If for an artwork there are two or three prices in different corresponding currencies (USDollars, Chinese Yuans, Russian Rubles), you are free to choose any of them to pay for the artwork. Periodically the prices in different currencies for the same picture are brought into conformity according the daily Russian Central Bank exchange rate.

5. Next, you need to make advance payment of 50% of the total including the additional expances plus the price of the artwork. Also you are free to make the full advance payment, of course.
Payment methods can be made, for example, through a personal meeting, through the mail or by bank transfer.

6. After receiving the picture the buyer pays the remaining 50% of the total.